DART 2017

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The Detroit Anti-Racism Training (DART) conference aims to bring together organizers and community leaders to build collaborations through critical consciousness raising on racial justice and critical anti-Islamophobia activism to address issues of watercommunity power, and sanctuary.

This is an important moment to mobilize Muslims and allied communities to develop a proactive agenda to build power and counter harmful policies on a local, state, and national level by developing a shared vision for Metro Detroit. 

DART 2017 will be held at the Wayne State University Law School (the Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights) located in Detroit, Michigan on Saturday, September 16 from 9 am to 7 pm.


DART 2017 is hosted by the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative and co-sponsored by Blac Pearl Media, CAIR MichiganACCESSCenter for New CommunitySafety Pin Box, the Detroit Equity Action Lab, and The Family & Youth Institute.


Join us...

To bring together multi-faith multi-racial leaders, especially leaders from African-American, South Asian, Middle Eastern, Latino and East Asian community organizations in metro Detroit to do the following:

  1. Through interactive presentations and panels, provide political education on racial justice and critical anti-Islamophobia activism.
  2. Create a space for coalition building to address the intersections of systemic racism and Islamophobia in metro Detroit.
  3. Develop long term strategies to build power in Detroit to tackle systemic racism and Islamophobia and empower local communities.




The training will feature plenary sessions in the morning with breakout and small group sessions in the afternoon. The training will close with our Racial Justice Awards Ceremony, honoring Michigan organizations and groups doing powerful work.

Breaks, live performances, a reflection and prayer space, and opportunities for building with fellow training attendees are built-in to our day.


  • Breakfast and lunch (zabihah/halal meals available)
  • Coffee, tea, water, and other refreshments throughout the day
  • Event parking near the venue

Special accommodations are also available - please let us know what you may need when you purchase your ticket.

 Check out the tabs above for information about speakers, housing and accommodations for out-of-town guests, and more.


Ticket Prices

  • Student: $45
  • Early Bird (ends August 12th): $75
  • Regular: $85
  • Early Bird tickets: Purchase your ticket before August 12th for a $10 discount.
  • Volunteers receive free tickets: please visit detroit.muslimarc.org/volunteers to register and apply to become a DART 2017 volunteer. Tickets are limited and you will be required to attend two in-person meetings and complete one half-day shift during DART.
  • MuslimARC Members receive $50 tickets: please visit the MuslimARC Slack channel to find your discount code or check your members-only newsletter for the code to enter. You can join as a member at www.muslimarc.org/join.
  • Scholarships are available. Please email [email protected] with your request. We need your name and the amount of scholarship you would like to request.
  • DART 2017 Co-Sponsors: some community organizations have discount codes available for their members. Please check with your local organization for the code, or ask them to sponsor tickets by contacting [email protected].
  • Press passes are available for plenary/large group sessions. Please email [email protected] to receive a code for your press pass.
  • Speakers and awardees - please provide your information to the DART Teammember assisting you so we can arrange for your ticket(s).


  • Add on a #BeingBlackAndMuslim or MuslimARC tee for $10 each with your registration!
  • Check the box during your registration for more information about the post-DART group dinner off-site if you're interested.


September 16, 2017 at 9:00am - 7pm
Wayne State University Law School
471 W Palmer Ave
Detroit, MI 48202
United States
Google map and directions
Team DART · · 313.228.3792
Meghan Urisko Maleny Crespo Nicole Denson Fariha Ghazi Ava Ansari Lynx M'Chea Stevie Baka Anna Lund Paige Wood Brenda Y. Rodriguez Emily Moonbeam Varnam Roman Fleur Kristin Tencza Keiy Alexis Bhaag Elisabeth Singhni Kaur Emily Clancy W Antoun Salame Asim Ahmed Ernst Fenelon Rasheed Shabazz Tazkia Al-Bari Zack Mohamed Latifa Abdul-Royal Karisha Vanzant Phoebe Patricia Maryama Dahir Nurah Petross Cisse Nesya Richardson Aysha Jamali Fatou-Seydi Sarr Bill Chambers Fatima Tayebi Nadia Tonova Mai Eltahir Nabintou Doumbia Nina Daoud Theresa Squires Eric Thomas Michelle Fedoruk Nora Mattar Reem Abou-samra Michelle Sekusky Brittany Ford Sarah Alfaham Ilene Siemer Kelly Tebay Michael Hanna Melanie Grund

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