Is DART only for Muslims?


No, DART is a multi-faith space - people from other faith backgrounds are encouraged to attend.

Is DART only for people of color?


No, DART is a multi-ethnic space - people from all backgrounds, including those who are white, are encouraged to attend.

Is DART only for those living in Detroit?


No, DART attendees are coming from multiple cities in Michigan and, in fact, from all over the United States and internationally from Canada. We will be focusing on Detroit as a case study that allows others to connect with and learn from circumstances in Detroit.

Are high schoolers welcome to attend?


Yes! Our youth tickets are for high schoolers, college students, and grad students.

Is there a way to get discounted tickets?


Yes, some local organizations have promo codes that you can use to get anywhere from $5 to $30 off your ticket. Also, we have scholarships available.

Do I need to submit an application to receive a scholarship?


No application is required. Just email dart2017@muslimarc.org and request a scholarship based on how much you can contribute. You can request a reduced rate of any amount.

Are tickets available at the door?


If spots are left, we will have tickets available at the door. But we STRONGLY encourage people to purchase tickets in advance in order to guarantee your spot. You can purchase tickets at dart2017.eventbrite.com.

Will childcare be available at DART?


Unfortunately, no, we are not providing childcare at DART 2017.

Can I sign up to be a vendor at DART?


This year, we are not providing tables for vendors at DART.


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